my name is junko, you can find me online as xjunko. i have a strong interest in eletronics, japanese cultures and coding.

this website serves as more or less dumping ground of useless information. here, you may find how to contact me, crap i've written and things that you might find interesting.

currently, the domain is konno.ovh, i'm broke so the domain might change from time to time.

contact me

i go by the name, , on discord, feel free to message me, i'm not that interesting but a chat won't hurt me :).
Currently offline.

besides discord you can contact me thru email, though, response time may vary: yuuki [at] konno [dot] ovh

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junko 2024-06-18 02:04:01 [OPEN]
file: tenor.gif [file/gif]

hey look, i made the site look a little bit cooler.
hope you liked it :DDD
also the index now has recent post preview!!

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