my name is junko, you can find me online as xjunko. i have a strong interest in eletronics, arcade rhythm game, programming and vocaloids!

this website serves as more or less dumping ground of useless information. here, you may find how to contact me, crap i've written and things that you might find interesting.

currently, the domain is konno.ovh, i'm broke so the domain might change from time to time.

contact me

i go by the name, xjunko, on discord, feel free to message me, also, i've been trying to get off the internet recently, so response time may be late. sorry ;-;
Currently offline.

if, for whatever reason, you need to get a hold of me quickly, contact thru email instead:

last note

Buying a Keitai a.k.a Japanese Flip Phone

Posted on Thu, Jul 11th, 2024 | 1627 words | ~7.67 minutes read

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junko 2024-07-08 04:22:01 [OPEN]
file: 3.95gpa.png [file/95gpa.png]

>results came in
<GPA: 3.95 (previously, 3.3)
lmao look at that fucking jump, i fucking choke 4 flat gpa 😭 whatever, i hope i can keep this up until final sem

Referencing #1706455502
Posted by junko at 2024-01-28 15:25:02

>3.28 GPA for something I couldn't care less about
damn thats actually decent. still gonna change my course

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